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Company news

  • 2GIS showed on the map why #stayhome is important

    30 March 2020
    2GIS showed possible scenarios of virus spreading around the city. The simulation is available at covid.2gis.ae. It demonstrates how an infection similar to coronavirus can spread and how to slow it down.
  • iPhones and chicken wings: why people visit the most popular place in the UAE

    13 December 2018
    The Dubai Mall opened its doors at the end of 2008. After 10 years it’s still the biggest and the most popular shopping center in the world. For the 10th anniversary of the mall the 2GIS team has decided to look at it from a different angle. We have found out what stores, restaurants and other places are more popular among visitors.
  • 2GIS Dubai now speaks Arabic

    11 October 2017
    City information service 2GIS Dubai has been localized to Arabic. It is available in the online version at 2gis.ae.
  • 2GIS announced the most popular companies of the city

    23 December 2016
    2GIS researched the search queries of users and found the most popular companies of the city among those that have opened in 2016. These companies claim to be called Discoveries of the year.