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2GIS Dubai now speaks Arabic

City information service 2GIS Dubai has been localized to Arabic. It is available in the online version at 2gis.ae.

2GIS Dubai is now working in the Arabic language. All 2GIS data — from the names of objects and streets on the map to information about companies — are available in Arabic and English. The search for companies and places in 2GIS is also working in Arabic.

— 2GIS has been working in Dubai since 2014, — Konstantin Sobolev, the CEO of 2GIS in Dubai, says. — Many of our users asked for the interface and search in Arabic. We hope that 2GIS will help not only residents but also guests from Arabic-speaking countries to navigate Dubai. Especially as Dubai is going to host Expo 2020.

You can switch the language from English to Arabic in the lower right corner of the map in the online version.

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